Thursday, 6 October 2011

London Fetish Weekend - Rope and Roast

A traditional English Sunday roast was waiting for us at the 'Doggetts Coat and Badge' Pub on Blackfriars bridge, where the LAM was holding its event 'Rope and Roast'...
A well deserved Sunday dinner with friends after a busy weekend!

The event was attended by many who wanted to come along to the various workshops. With the gorgeous weather still delighting us on this 2nd day of October, the pub terraces were buzzing with visitors from various places... Another opportunity to chat to many fetishists about the weekend; another positive testimonial of the well attended London Fetish Weekend...

Let's continue making this event a well celebrated international get together of fetishists...!

Eva Lamour

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

London Fetish Weekend - LAM

On Saturday 1st October the London Alternative Market held its monthly event as part of the London Fetish Weekend.

After a full night of partying at Club Pedestal, James and I were ready to greet all visitors with a copy of the leading Map in the fetish milieu...

As always, we were delighted to see familiar faces alongside the new ones... And it was amazing how many newcomers to the scene came to share this day with us. New visitors from all over England, Scotland, and many places in Europe were attracted like magnets to this fetish delight. We even met a Brazilian photographer who was very happy to see our Map and use it...

Thank you to all those who gave us such positive feedback on the Map and its use. We are always greatly pleased to see how some of you collect each issue, and not only for its useful purpose, but as a collectible item...

We want to bring a full lifestyle experience in what we do, which is why so much time and effort is put onto creating each issue... The aim of Fetish Map London is to ensure that all fetishists, here and abroad, can embrace a complete fetish lifestyle whenever they want. To this end, although the map itself encompasses London, our advertisers come from all over the world, in order to show each and every user, a much wider perception of the fetish life...

We are delighted when so many users come to find us, at places like the LAM, to tell us just how much they enjoy our product. And because of this, we are determined to continue our journey to yet more and more miles of Fetish Map London...

Thanks to all who attended London Alternative Market and came to speak to us...

Eva Lamour

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Monday, 3 October 2011

London Fetish Weekend - Club Pedestal

As sponsors of the London Fetish Weekend, James and I decided to be good ambassadors and attend all the events we could, starting with Club Pedestal, on the Friday night.
For those who are familiar with Club Pedestal, there is no need for introduction. However, for those who have still to discover the uniqueness of this club, it is, as always, better to go and experience it, but here is a brief tale of the 'expected', as a taster...

As a Mistress, a woman wishing to be a Mistress for the night, or a virgin to Club Pedestal Lady, you enter the world of FemDom right from the start.

At the top of the stairs, you find a slave waiting on his knees to offer the Mistress a rose for the night. House slaves are all around the club, there to serve you as a foot slave, a stool, to polish your shoes or bring you a drink.

We were lucky to attend with some friends, but there is no need to feel self conscious if you decide to go on your own, as there are plenty of people who will make you feel welcome and plenty of slaves who are willing to be yours for the night.

The atmosphere was full of laughter, play times, and a buzzing courtyard for the smokers or anybody trying to escape the indoor heat, fleeing to the outdoor heat...!! Yes, even in London on the 30th September, the capital was hot, hot, hot and not just for the amount of people crowding outside, but the weather was spectacular...!! What a treat!

Researching for an article I am writing on Mistresses and their subs/slaves, I had the pleasure of chatting to some very willing members of the crowd who were very happy to share their experiences with me.

But there is actually no need to find an excuse to start chatting to people, because for those who are new to the club, there is an amalgam of friendly Mistresses and slaves, ready to show you the rope... literally, if that is what you are after!!!
Or sit down, as a Mistress and let a foot slave take the weight off your feet, and the ache, by massaging, kissing, licking, well, whatever you ask of him...!!

After a brilliant night of dancing, watching, drinking, mingling, chatting and just enjoying every minute of it, I decided that I needed a few hours sleep before the next event: the London Alternative Market, for which we had to be up and ready, and looking refreshed....!!

Let me know of your experiences at Club Pedestal, or if you want to contribute to my article on Mistresses and their slaves....!! I am waiting to hear from you....

Eva Lamour

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