Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Having first experienced the fetish milieu in London, I was always eager to see what Paris had to offer in terms of kink. The city of lights and love, and the place I was born, has always had a reputation for its freedom of expression about all matters, including sexuality.  But was this true or simply an ideal we like to believe?

In our quest for new fetish venues and shops in France, 10 years ago, we were surprised at the lack of apparent fetish interest in the capital city.

You may find plenty of sex shops around Pigalle and Barbès, featuring sex shows and Le Moulin Rouge theatre. This arrondissement and neighbourhood where lived Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec and the grand Vincent van Gogh, and where Josephine Baker opened her first night club, attracts the locals and tourists who want to explore the raunchy part of the city.  But what about fetish?

The Parisians do not seem to be so open to the kinkier side of sex or BDSM. Is it frowned upon? Whatever their opinions, it is certainly not in view and exposed to the wider public. Used to so much fetish and BDSM exposure in London, I was somehow disappointed.

                                                       BOUTIQUE DÈMONIA

I did, eventually, find a fetish and BDSM retail shop, offering what is probably the widest array of latex and leather attires, accessories, toys and all the goods you may possibly need whatever your inclination. The shop is Dèmonia.

A loyal member of Fetish Map London since edition 5 in 2008, Boutique Dèmonia has been growing stronger in its presence and notoriety.

Boutique Dèmonia is discreetly placed in the 11th arrondissement, away from prying eyes. As you approach, you will recognise its monogram above the entrance. Do not be misled by the plain door; inside is a treasure trove for all things fetish and BDSM. Enter and let the friendly team welcome you. Miguel, the manager, is always happy to guide you, answer any questions and give you any tips or help.

                                            LA NUIT DÈMONIA AT THE FAUST

But Dèmonia is much more than a kinky & BDSM shop. It is at the heart of the most renowned fetish soirées in Paris: La Nuit Dèmonia.

Located under the Pont Alexandre III, one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, the Faust offers the venue for La Nuit Dèmonia. Its vaulted interior lends the perfect decor for Demonia's fetish parties. Three rooms, each one themed individually, the LED dressed tunnel displays a dance floor, and the magnificent winter terrace, the ideal chatting area for those wanting to escape to the fresh air, and the smokers friendly area.

Fetish tourism is one of our passion. Guiding kinksters to beautiful places where the fetish community embraces all its members from all over the world is our mission. What better than enjoy a kinky party on the Rive Gauche, on the banks of the Seine, mixing romanticism and fetishism?

Fly, drive or travel by train to Paris for the next Nuit Dèmonia on October 28th, The theme? 'Scary Party'. And you get an extra hour free, as the clocks go back that same night.

I hope to see you there! And if you go, come and say 'Bonjour' or even 'Bonsoir'.

Live your kink and be happy...

Eva Lamour

Photography by James Drury

and Eva Lamour

Extra information:

Boutique Demonia, 22 Avenue Jean Aicard, 75011Paris
La Nuit Demonia - Scary Party theme - Faust - Pont Alexandre III - River Gauche, Paris 75007
Saturday 28th October 2017



Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fetish YouTube with Reuben Kaye...

... because Fetish comes in all forms and mediums... 

How addicted to YouTube are you?
Do you use it for information, entertainment or to showcase your own creations?

Communication in our modern society has been transformed by the use of the internet. No longer do we need to rely on conventional media to cover news-worthy articles or interviews. Watching your favourite artist does not require a TV screen anymore. And you certainly do not need to win the X-factor programme to proudly stage your talent, whether you have some or not!

YouTube has been part of this new trend of communication since 2005, and has been growing at an astonishing rate, just like so many internet services.

YouTube and You


Have you taken advantage of YouTube?
Do you have your own channel?
How many videos have you uploaded already?

Do you use YouTube for tutorials on a multitude of subjects?
Do you use it at work for presentations?

However you invite this medium into your life, we tend to reach straight to YouTube when searching for information or to learn a new skill, to know about history, geography or watch our favourite programme or series.

The counter-cultural world of fetish is also using the YouTube platform to inform, educate and reveal a world that is no longer kept underground and hidden.

Today, I want to share with you the Fetish Map LondonYouTube channel, and the magnificent Reuben Kaye who stars in our videos.

Advertising becomes somehow boring because we are continuously bombarded by businesses who want to sell something. As customers, we want to believe that we make up our own mind and are not influenced by these slogans, posters, promises of a better life or a quick get-rich scheme.

Sometimes, we simply want to be entertained...!

So, feel free to enjoy Fetish Map London videos with the bawdy and provocative talent of Reuben Kaye, international performer and compère...!

Leave your comments about your YouTube experiences, and about our striking host at Burlesque Map YouTube videos. Or visit to leave your feedback.

Live your kink and be happy

Eva Lamour

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Jonathan Legg and The Road Less Travelled explores Fetish London

James became a 'fixer' for Jonathan Legg and his crew, as the Road Less Traveled arrived in London. A few days exploring the world of fetish in London took Jonathan Legg to Liberation (from Libidex), Shelton Street, near Covent Garden, where he discovered the dark and hidden side of London, with latex wear and fetish accessories.

Not enough to satisfy his curiosity about the fetish world, Jonathan experiences bondage, the Shibari way, with Bruce Esinem, the Shibari master, aka the Art of Japanese rope bondage. Bruce is more than a master at Shibari. He is a teacher, a creator, and his knowledge and techniques are unique.

But the night cannot finish for Jonathan until he meets Mistress Morrigan Hel at Murder Mile Studios, a dark dungeon where you will live through pleasure, pain, and anything that your imagination can endure.

If you want to follow the trail, watch this video and tell us what you think. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

London Below: A new alternative market for all those seeking new adventures

London was host to a new alternative market on Sunday 30th August. Sited in Dalston, North East London, 'London Below' opened its doors for the first time, offering a multitude of stalls from club wear, lingerie to jewellery.

Although Epic Dalston is renowned for hosting record and art fairs, this venue is also home to wedding receptions. Formerly a cinema, it is situated on the ground floor, under Efes, a snooker club on the corner of Stoke Newington Road and Trumans Road. Easy to miss, but look out for the front door between a tattoo shop and a Turkish restaurant.

Difficult to label, this alternative market offers a wide range of products and styles, for all taste and tendencies. Stalls included: club wear, PVC wear, lingerie, jewellery, embroidery, graphic artists, fascinators, vintage and retro, bondage and discipline, tarot reading and taxidermy.

Sarah, The Curious Menagerie, runs regular tailored taxidermy courses nearby, at Seven Sisters. Here she is preparing a Jackdaw. (

Voodoo Oddities specialise in entomology, taxidermy (wet and dry specimens), medical antiques and secret society paraphernalia. Today, they had a fabulous array of bats and spiders!

Henry, Curiosities From the 5th Corner, had an impressive range of artworks, bones and artefacts; many of them being human remains..!

London would benefit from hosting more events of this genre, presenting excellent opportunities to meet creative, independent artists and designers. The originality of this market makes it unique and worthwhile a visit.

The organisers, Trica and Malc, have our support and encouragement to continue providing an alternative to Sunday shopping, and we look forward to featuring them in the next Fetish Map London. For those curious out there, London Below is scheduled to open its doors on the last Sunday of every month. Why not visit them then?

For more information, you can find London Below at Epic Dalston, 13 - 15 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BH. On the A10, north of the Balls Pond Road crossroad. By train: Dalston Kingsland overground.

The Fetish Map Team - James and Eva

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

One Shoe Fetish: A new kink?

The love story between a woman and shoes begins in childhood; at least it did for me. I found some of my mum's high heel shoes one day, in the cellar of our house in Paris. I was about 5 years old, and being too little I couldn't wear both shoes properly at the same time, so I walked around with one shoe on and one shoe off.

Strangely enough this idiosyncrasy, wearing one shoe on and one off, seems to have followed me into my adult life.

A busy life juggling writing projects, research, interviews and preparing seminars can soon turn into turmoil and feel hectic. Being organised is a must, but some things just have a tendency to stay a bit chaotic. Often, I find myself wearing one shoe on and one off, not really for the pleasure of it, but because I lose my shoes around the house. So, while I look around for one, I wear the other. The biggest challenge is walking down the stairs with only one shoe on, while the bare foot marches down on tiptoe, trying to keep the balance.

I never gave this behaviour a second thought, until recently someone approached me to talk about their unusual kink: One shoe fetish.

Men love women in high heels, it's sexy, elegant and graceful. Shoe fetish is very popular, a fetish that extends to boots and other footwear; and so is foot fetish. All over the world, men worship women's feet, whether they are part of the fetish world or not.

But could we combine foot and shoe fetish? Why not?

Nigel is the first man I have encountered who has done just that.

E: How did you come across this fetish?

N: I was born with it. It is a natural fetish, the one that gets me sexually aroused.

What is the excitement about looking at a woman wearing only one shoe?

N: It turns me on. It looks very attractive and sensual. When a woman wears one shoe, at some point she starts caressing her foot, mainly to shift the weight and give some relief to the bare foot, or to keep it warm. This is absolutely exciting and very feminine, even more so because most of the time, she does it inadvertently.

E: Do you enjoy women walking with one shoe and seeing the imbalance of the walk, or you see the beauty in seeing one bare foot and one shoe?

N: I see the beauty in seeing one bare foot and one shoe. Also, the great thing about a woman walking with one heel only is that she puts her bare foot on tiptoe, which is very sexy. When a woman walks bare feet, she puts her feet flat on the ground. This is not as exciting as seeing her tiptoeing. On the other hand, to tiptoe with both bare feet is only possible for a very limited time because it's unnatural. So, the best option is one heel on and tiptoe with the bare foot.

E: Is it also about being 'half way there', not quite the whole 'naked' look, but on the way there?

N: In a way, yes. A slight hint of nudity. Besides, a shoe is just about the only thing a woman can remove in public and not transgress the boundary of decency.

For many men, one shoe fetish means the best of 'both worlds': The bare foot, sexy and sensual in its natural state, and the foot dressed in a high heel, showing the elegance of a woman.

How often do you fantasise about playing out your fetish in public? Some kinky games or fantasies are far too daring outside the fetish milieu. One shoe fetish, however, could be more discreet, yet still thrilling and exciting.

Feet are the extension of hands, some say. Women enjoy teasing a man, caressing him all over with her bare feet. Even more sensual and arousing when she caresses her lover's sexual parts with her bare foot. The bare skin, the gentle slow movement, while keeping eye contact, can be titillating and orgasmic. A one shoe fantasy played in public is erotic. One shoe on, showing normality, while the bare foot is off playing.

The male's fantasy of a woman being both a madonna and a nymphomaniac at the same time, can be a turn on and exciting: Two conflicting women into one. She can conduct herself with grace, glamour and gentleness, in a beautiful dress and high heels, turning into a seductive sexual temptress when she decides to. Many men like this image, it's arousing, sexy and attractive.

In this world of opposites, yin and yang, good and bad, night and day, seeing both parts of the contrast at once can be gratifying. You have all you want, as one.

The one shoe fetish is part of this contrasting world, and although it might not be a well known kink, it makes sense to take pleasure in admiring a woman who is offering the best of both experiences. A beautiful foot in a sexy shoe, and the contrast of the bare foot, sensual, untamed, wild just free to be played with, or ready to play.

Foot fetish and shoe fetish, both coming under one. Will it catch on?

Why don't you try and let us know how it feels for you?

Or maybe you are already a member of this fetish group? Why not share your experience with us and offer some more insight?

Eva Lamour

Photography by James Drury

Friday, 10 July 2015

What is Fetishism? What is a Fetish?

Opinions abound as to the definition of fetish in this modern era. A common notion is that a fetish is simply associated to sexual practices, when a specific object is used or desired for sexual gratification.

But the word fetish originates from the Portuguese fetiçio for charm, sorcery, spell, derived from the Latin facticius 'artificial, man made', which comes from facere 'to make, to do'. In the 15th century, as Portuguese colonialists arrived in the west coast of Africa, they encountered natives with objects such as charms and talismans, objects they believed to possess magical powers, power of witchcraft and sorcery. These objects became known as fetishes, holding unchristian powers and therefore, regarded as unholy by the christian 'invaders'.

Soon after, a fetish was known as an object with an addictive or irrational high fascination for it. Many modern definitions talk of fetish for hats, handbags or shoe fetish, not necessarily linked to any sexual practice, but simply a high and unusual obsession for specific objects.

It is, however, at the end of the 19th century that French psychologist, Alfred Binet, coined the term 'sexual or erotic fetishism' to describe people who had a sexual interest or attachment to an object, such as an item of clothing. Krafft-Ebing, Austro-German psychiatrist, who popularised the terms sadism and masochism, late 19th century, also used the word fetish to describe an abnormal association to an object for sexual satisfaction.

What is a fetish, in modern day definition?

Today, a fetish is more widely known as something we associate with sexual gratification, a specific object, a practice, a ritual or other forms of desire that enhance our sexual experience.

The word fetish still carries a negative connotation in our modern day society, defining it as a 'form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked, to an abnormal degree, to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body'. (1)  By describing it as 'abnormal', a fetish remains an obscure practice and something that should be kept secret from those who do not belong to that world.

As exhibitors at Erotica, we have, on numerous occasions, witnessed many visitors turning away from the fetish village refusing to have a chat, claiming that 'that stuff is not for me, thanks'. But understanding what the fetish world is about could take away the fallacy, and misconception, of this lifestyle choice.

Being 'kinky' might be considered in society as a healthy way of exploring one's sexual life, by introducing some spice into it, but having a fetish remains an obscure practice, not as widely accepted and in some cases, a sign of immorality or psychological problems related to one's sexuality. This view of fetishists keeps them in the margin of society; and although some fetishes are regarded as milder than others, in their degree of weirdness, singularity or unusualness , we certainly learn not to divulge our participation or desire for fetishes within some circles.

Some claim that the close link between fetish and BDSM renders it all sadistic, and something that is practised by those who grow up with emotional and mental problems, as regards to their sexuality.

Fetish protocol requires, however, that a strictly code of conduct is respected at all times, by practising a 'sane, safe and consensual' rule, which demonstrates a high level of trust and responsibility among all those involved. So, the questions are: Do all those practising 'normal sex' adhere to such principle and standard? Is having a fetish so immoral, when true fetishists remain respectful of others' preferences, choices and inclinations?

If something turns you on, why not be free to practise it without being considered as a risk to society, on a mission to pervert vulnerable, unwilling people. Having and living a fetish is a personal affair, a personal choice that cannot be always explained and certainly not to be justified.

In our quest to provide adequate and extensive information in Fetish Map London, on the wide range of fetishes, we have explored clubs, munches and forums, among others. Extending from the well known fetishes such as body parts and body features to the more bizarre, the directory is vast.

Fetishes encompass, but are not limited to:

    •    Body parts, body features: feet, hair, hands, body size, obesity, size of breasts, size of penis, body fluid, body smell - smell of material such as leather
    •    Things people wear: shoes, uniforms, stockings, hats, piercings
    •    The feel of material: leather, latex, satin, silk
    •    Dressing up in other things: furry animal costumes, plushies
    •    Playing animals: pony play, pet play
    •    Balloon fetish, body inflation
    •    Feeders: feeding partners to reach a body size that is pleasing. The whole ritual of choosing food, preparing food, and feeding is important.
    •    Sploshing - Messy fun: food smudged all over the body.
    •    Latex, leather masks
    •    Tattoos
    •    Rubber dolls
    •    Fangs
    •    Infantilism
    •    Medical play
    •    Bondage
    •    Strap-ons
    •    Cross-dressing

If your fetish is not on the list, leave your comment, or let us know which fetish you would like more information on. In the few coming weeks, I shall be writing articles on particular fetishes, so come back to read them. For more information on the fetish lifestyle, and where to find all you need: for your map.

Eva Lamour

(1) Oxford Dictionary

Photography by James Drury





Club Rub Annual Rubber Awards

Club Rub Annual Rubber Awards

at Club Rub Annual Rubber Awards

at Club Rub Annual Rubber Awards

Monday, 29 June 2015

Reuben Kaye talks fetish with Fetish Map London

The international cabaret performer, Reuben Kaye, talks about the many sides of Fetish Map London. From specialised shops to clubs and services, the leading map of all things fetish and kinky provides all the information you need.

Listen to Reuben talk about it:

Eva Lamour