Tuesday, 18 December 2012

'End of the World' performed by Noizee, produced by Kim Fowley

Mayan Apocalypse prediction of the end of the World has provoked media frenzy and panic from, apparently, many people around the planet. It has, also, contributed to much creativity with stories and videos, showing us a version of the last moments of Planet Earth.

Kim Fowley, in his unique style, has produced this 'End of The World' video, performed by Noizee, featuring the eve of Planet Earth destruction.

Great video to watch...! Go to the link and see for yourself...!!

This is what Kim Fowley has to say about it:

Kim Fowley is always Ahead Of His Time! But this time, I got the Real Time part right. This Violent Video, Directed & Edited by Noizee, sums up where The Planet Earth Eve Of Destruction IS: Pre-December 21st = 'End Of The World' = IS the song/recording, Performed By Noizee/Produced by Kim Fowley/Co-Written by KF & Mike Wolf/Mixed & Engineered by Mike Wolf at Studio 5109 Productions. Mike played most of the instruments. Check out the last title card of the video, which sums up the future of Planet Earth's Citizens!

Tell us what you think...

Eva Lamour

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

'Rubber Life - How to live out the Latex fetish lifestyle of your dreams!' by 3xL - a review...

Is latex part of your fetish lifestyle, or are you just finding your way around it? Whether you are a novice looking for answers or a latex fashionista, 3xL has compiled a colourful informative book 'Rubber Life - How to live out the latex fetish lifestyle of your dreams!', that takes you on a discovery of the multitude aspects of latex.

A latex fetishist himself, 3xL takes you on a personal journey through his own story. He shares adventures, practical tips, dos and don'ts, and how to be creative with latex.

Latex is a very personal affair, a unique story for each one of us. Investing in latex can be expensive, as it is essential to purchase the genuine item and never be tempted to buy the 'cheap' alternatives. Therefore, knowing how to care for these garments should never be left to guess work.

3xL's book is full of information and is a complete companion to any latex lover. Each chapter provides the reader with a different facet of the latex lifestyle. From 'Your latex wardrobe' and 'Latex care', to shopping tips, and how to share your love for wearing latex with others, plus a list of various retailers, clubs and forums, 'Rubber life' is a story of discovery as well as a practical guide.

The book is a treasure for all concerned, filled with many photos from various events around Europe, featuring some gorgeous outfits. It is more than a book on latex, it is a story of discovery, friendship, and about a community that shares a very unique interest and love.

As a latex lover myself, and an admirer of the creations of so many contemporary designers of latex outfits, I believe that 'Rubber life' is a must buy and a keepsake.

Don't hesitate to purchase it for yourself, or as a gift for someone special. This is an excellent investment.

To purchase directly, visit: or to read more on 3xL, go to his website:

Eva Lamour

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Monday, 26 November 2012

FETISH, THE HOLLYWOOD WAY.... WITH KIM FOWLEY and 'The Hollywood Sexual Underground'

'The way to know how others do things, is to get out there and find out' (Eva Lamour).

'Diversity is essential for a colourful, exciting world', my own thought and happy to share it... Sharing new adventures, new experiences, new finds can enrich others around us. The fetish world is one with many facets, angles, and has its own idiosyncrasies, whether we find them in the vicinity or far away in the other side of the world. Fetish in Hollywood has its own life, with its similarities and differences, so let's explore...

Inspired by Kim Fowley's colourful lifestyle filled with eccentricity, sexual experiences of all genres, I am delighted to bring you a taste of Fetish the Hollywood way, with a 'Fetish Report from the Hollywood Sexual Underground...! by the big man himself, Kim Fowley.

We all know the legendary Kim Fowley, American record producer, songwriter, film maker and, in his very own words, 'a Freak'...! He has a global following and is forever re-inventing the world around him, in his unconventional manner... An inspiration for many...!

Discover more underground activities, fetish rituals, freakish videos and much, much more through all his productions, activities and be educated in what goes on across the Pond...!

I leave you today with one of the works he directed, and starred in, 'Dollboy: The Movie', described by Kim as:

'Pan-Sexual Classic. Kim Fowley aka "Dollboy" has a Giant Gay Following & has been known to have sex with selected fans in some of his Live Freak Club Performances.'

Watch the You Tube film and come back, leave your comments, and be ready for the next production from Kim Fowley...

Let us accept eccentricity in its various aspects and tones, as we are all searching for our own... Keep an open mind, and enjoy these productions...

Eva Lamour

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

London Fetish Weekend 2012 - The Diverse Facets of Fetish...

The London Fetish Weekend is a perfect event to meet fetishists from all over the world. Spanning over three days in October, the weekend offers plenty of opportunities to interact with other kinksters, whether at the LAM (London Alternative Market) on Saturday, the Brunch on Sunday or any of the club events.

As sponsors of the LFW, our presence at each venue allows us to inform the crowd about the Fetish Map London, but my interest goes beyond informing the public; researching, observing and writing shape my mission too, and of course, talking to the visitors.
It is the ideal time to investigate the different facets of fetish.

The multitude of opinions on fetish shows undoubtedly how varied the milieu is; 'one size doesn't fit all' is certainly the appropriate statement. Fetish is lived differently by each one.
For some, the thrill of playing, publicly or privately, is their raison d'ĂȘtre in the fetish universe. They come to the market to find new ways of spicing up their sex lives. New accessories, new ideas, new questions they seek answers to, whatever BDSM means to them, the weekend has a multitude of resources.
For others, modelling their creative latex outfits, feeling sexy and outrageous is what entices them. Not that they reject other forms of the fetish lifestyle, but wearing latex is exciting, the rest might be lived more privately.

A visitor stopped by our stand to chat about his passion for cross dressing, and shared his view that fetish is also tongue-in-cheek. He said, "I have great fun dressing up and being whoever I want to be at these events. But some people take it too seriously, and I like to see the lighter side of it. Maybe that's the eccentric in me. I feel that in the UK fetish can be whatever you want it to be but when I have travelled abroad, I have come across some hardcore BDSM who seem to take it all in such a somber manner, and they think I am not a true fetishist."

Yet, for another fetishist, who has been part of the milieu for over twenty years as a male dominant, fetish is a way of life entirely, it is not a hobby, nor a part time distraction or kick, it is simply a full time way of life. He looks around and smiles at the naivety of some, feeling that his fetish life goes much further and is deeply rooted.

BDSM / fetish is as profound or superficial and versatile as one wants it to be. No one can tell us how to live our kink, and if some have explored the scene for many years and have ventured right into their deepest desires while others have just scratched the surface, the choice is ours. Who is qualified to tell anyone if they are true fetishists / SMs or not?

Whichever route one chooses to take on the journey through their kink, I am happy that we always try to provide a guide for a complete lifestyle and meeting these fetishists at the LFW. Whether visiting us from other parts of the UK or Europe or farther afield, this is always a great time to learn more about the whole community.

Fetish has many facets and I'm always happy to hear about them all, and to talk about them all, it makes the whole canvass an interesting picture with as many hues as there are people.

We truly hope to see you at this event next year, so you can share your experiences with us all.

Eva Lamour

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Morpheous - 'How to be Kinkier - More Adventures in Adult Playtime'

Author and sex educator, Morpheous takes you on a journey of kinky and fetish exploration with his book 'How to be Kinkier: More Adventures in Adult Playtime'.

Sequel to 'How to be Kinky: A beginner's guide to BDSM', this book reaches kinksters' deepest desire to venture much further.
Thorough in the information it provides and creative in the content, it is a book to read, study but above all to have fun with; a must for all kinksters, novices or pros, who want to explore their sexuality beyond the basic realm of kink and discover new fetishes.

Morpheous is excellent in his approach as he combines information, rules and etiquette with short stories and testimonies, accompanied by beautiful artistic photos, allowing the reader to be entertained and learn practical tips while travelling into the midst of the kinky world.

From extreme creative bondage techniques, advanced sex toys such as electrical stimulation, all the way to implementing a mind fuck, Morpheous's knowledge and creativity will take you as far as you are prepared to go.

With safety in mind, he constantly reminds the reader of the basic requirements for a healthy, enjoyable and safe kinky way of life with his / her partner. Of course, for some couples the adventure goes farther, into polyamorous relationships. Like any new territory, understanding rules and boundaries allows you to delight in the experience intensely.

Ultimately, Morpheous shares personal adventures, experiences and other stories that can take your imagination beyond frontiers ever visited. Decide which role depicts your personality, your desires and unveil your most secret fantasies in the safety environment you create yourself.

This book is an eye opener on many levels and might awaken new desires and secret kinks and fetishes that you didn't know you had. Whether you take a 'step by step' approach, or a more radical one, Morpheous reveals a whole world of kinky play and fetishes that might blow your mind away, or simply entertain you.

Experience the adventure yourself by purchasing the book 'How to Be Kinkier - More Adventures in Adult Playtime' (ISBN 978-1-931160-94-0) or visit the website:

Good reading!

Visit for more information on fetish and kinky shops, clubs, and many more...

Eva Lamour

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Getting my fangs into the best...!
One of the great things about being a writer/journalist is the research...! You just never know what is around the corner when you start researching for an article. So, as I have been researching the 'Vampire' topic for a while, I jumped at the offer from James to have my own fangs made by a Master Fangsmith, and the only UK member of The Fangsmith Guild, Robbie Drake.
After all, James's fangs looked so brilliant that I was jealous and the best way to write about it, was to go through the process myself...

James - photo by Ola Tuvesson

Robbie was at Fangtasia, the monthly Vampire party at the Resistance Gallery... I arranged to meet up with him and interview him whilst I was having my fangs made.

The whole procedure took between half an hour to an hour, as there are quite a few steps to the final stage. As a professional make up artist and special effects artist on film sets, Robbie has developed and perfected his own technique using an amalgam of products and the results are amazing!

He matches your own teeth colour so there is nothing artificial looking about these fangs. Just forget anything you have ever come across before, as these fangs become part of yourself and part of who you are, if that is your wish, of course...

The process doesn't hurt, so just relax and let Robbie do it all. The smell of the chemicals he uses can be quite intense, but it's absolutely nothing you can't cope with.

Robbie Drake

He shapes them, polishes them, tries them on you a few times to fit them perfectly and before you know it, you have the perfect pair of fangs....!! Absolutely develish...!!

Eva - photos by James Drury

And to top it all, he makes it look so easy!! The sign of an expert..!!
Robbie worked on the movie 'The Woman in Black' recently released, with Daniel Radcliffe and is presently working on another horror movie, which I am not allowed to divulge...

Ready to face the world with my fangs, I greatly enjoyed 'gnarling around'.
Later on that night, I couldn't help getting my fangs into a very sexy vampire who wasn't scared to be bitten to death, well almost...! Master Vampire Claremont has been marked...! And I have the blood to prove it...!

If you wish for your own fangs or are just curious, you should attend Fangtasia as soon as you can. The event happens every month at the Resistance Gallery, London. You can contact Robbie and arrange for a session.
Fangtasia, a place to watch a fabulous performance, party and be part of the Vampire community.

But give us some info of your own.
Do you have your own fangs? What do you think of the whole Vampire look and movement? Is it serious for you or just a new trend you like to follow whenever you can?

For more info on different events, visit and get a map where you'll find all the details you need...

Eva Lamour

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Eva and James - Photos by David Briggs