Wednesday, 12 August 2015

One Shoe Fetish: A new kink?

The love story between a woman and shoes begins in childhood; at least it did for me. I found some of my mum's high heel shoes one day, in the cellar of our house in Paris. I was about 5 years old, and being too little I couldn't wear both shoes properly at the same time, so I walked around with one shoe on and one shoe off.

Strangely enough this idiosyncrasy, wearing one shoe on and one off, seems to have followed me into my adult life.

A busy life juggling writing projects, research, interviews and preparing seminars can soon turn into turmoil and feel hectic. Being organised is a must, but some things just have a tendency to stay a bit chaotic. Often, I find myself wearing one shoe on and one off, not really for the pleasure of it, but because I lose my shoes around the house. So, while I look around for one, I wear the other. The biggest challenge is walking down the stairs with only one shoe on, while the bare foot marches down on tiptoe, trying to keep the balance.

I never gave this behaviour a second thought, until recently someone approached me to talk about their unusual kink: One shoe fetish.

Men love women in high heels, it's sexy, elegant and graceful. Shoe fetish is very popular, a fetish that extends to boots and other footwear; and so is foot fetish. All over the world, men worship women's feet, whether they are part of the fetish world or not.

But could we combine foot and shoe fetish? Why not?

Nigel is the first man I have encountered who has done just that.

E: How did you come across this fetish?

N: I was born with it. It is a natural fetish, the one that gets me sexually aroused.

What is the excitement about looking at a woman wearing only one shoe?

N: It turns me on. It looks very attractive and sensual. When a woman wears one shoe, at some point she starts caressing her foot, mainly to shift the weight and give some relief to the bare foot, or to keep it warm. This is absolutely exciting and very feminine, even more so because most of the time, she does it inadvertently.

E: Do you enjoy women walking with one shoe and seeing the imbalance of the walk, or you see the beauty in seeing one bare foot and one shoe?

N: I see the beauty in seeing one bare foot and one shoe. Also, the great thing about a woman walking with one heel only is that she puts her bare foot on tiptoe, which is very sexy. When a woman walks bare feet, she puts her feet flat on the ground. This is not as exciting as seeing her tiptoeing. On the other hand, to tiptoe with both bare feet is only possible for a very limited time because it's unnatural. So, the best option is one heel on and tiptoe with the bare foot.

E: Is it also about being 'half way there', not quite the whole 'naked' look, but on the way there?

N: In a way, yes. A slight hint of nudity. Besides, a shoe is just about the only thing a woman can remove in public and not transgress the boundary of decency.

For many men, one shoe fetish means the best of 'both worlds': The bare foot, sexy and sensual in its natural state, and the foot dressed in a high heel, showing the elegance of a woman.

How often do you fantasise about playing out your fetish in public? Some kinky games or fantasies are far too daring outside the fetish milieu. One shoe fetish, however, could be more discreet, yet still thrilling and exciting.

Feet are the extension of hands, some say. Women enjoy teasing a man, caressing him all over with her bare feet. Even more sensual and arousing when she caresses her lover's sexual parts with her bare foot. The bare skin, the gentle slow movement, while keeping eye contact, can be titillating and orgasmic. A one shoe fantasy played in public is erotic. One shoe on, showing normality, while the bare foot is off playing.

The male's fantasy of a woman being both a madonna and a nymphomaniac at the same time, can be a turn on and exciting: Two conflicting women into one. She can conduct herself with grace, glamour and gentleness, in a beautiful dress and high heels, turning into a seductive sexual temptress when she decides to. Many men like this image, it's arousing, sexy and attractive.

In this world of opposites, yin and yang, good and bad, night and day, seeing both parts of the contrast at once can be gratifying. You have all you want, as one.

The one shoe fetish is part of this contrasting world, and although it might not be a well known kink, it makes sense to take pleasure in admiring a woman who is offering the best of both experiences. A beautiful foot in a sexy shoe, and the contrast of the bare foot, sensual, untamed, wild just free to be played with, or ready to play.

Foot fetish and shoe fetish, both coming under one. Will it catch on?

Why don't you try and let us know how it feels for you?

Or maybe you are already a member of this fetish group? Why not share your experience with us and offer some more insight?

Eva Lamour

Photography by James Drury

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